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[HOW TO] Recover data from a formatted hard drive

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do you want to recover formatted storage devices like hard disk, pen drive,etc.? 
We have a solution for your problem to completely recover your lost data. Here are the steps involved in the process :

  • Do not use your formatted drive since using your drive can overwrite the existing data that you need.
  • Download a software named EASEUS data recovery.
  • Install the program in any other drive. Remember not to install it on the formatted drive.
  • If you have deleted the partition, click on partition recovery.
  • Otherwise, if you haven't deleted the partition but have formatted the drive,then click on the complete   recovery.
  • Else, If you haven't deleted any of partition and drive, just click the first option. This process recovers the data deleted from the recycle bin too.

Run Android OS in your pc [HOW TO][HOW TO] Run Android OS in your pc [HOW TO]

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Android can be  run in a PC too. 

Android operating system is one of the best operating systems in mobile.But, you may have a confusion that android cannot run in a PC which is not out and out true. Hence android can be  run in a PC too.

The best way to run Android OS in your PC is to download the android iso file. You can search and download it from the web.Following are the steps involved in the process :
  1. Download the Android ISO file.                         
  2. Next,you can burn the iso in a dvd.
  3. The better way is to mount the iso file in a program namely virtual cd.
  4. If you have burned the iso file in a dvd,you can just boot from the dvd.
  5. Otherwise,if you have mounted the iso in a virtual cd,you can open the mounted cd drive and install android   from it.
  6. Booting from the dvd gives you a feature of running Android without installing it.

Tweak Project IGI game [HOW TO]

Project IGI  is one of the best games ever made. In this game, you have to go through a series of mission accomplishing one after another. This game has 14 missions. You can play the next mission only after completing the previous one.You cannot skip any missions.Here,I am going to describe a technique which can be used to complete any missions or say to complete the whole game.

Steps involved :

  • Firstly,install the Project IGI game.
  • Now go to the folder where you have installed the game.
    • For eg. I have installed it under c:\project IGI\
  • Now navigate to the folder 'Pc' and then to 'Common' and then to 'Ai'.
    • Finally,the path becomes:- c:\projectIGI\pc\common\ai\
  • Now you will find some qvm files such as anya.qvm,guard.qvm,civilian.qvm etc.
  • Now copy 4-5 copy of civilian.qvm and paste it on the same folder.
  • After that,delete the guard.qvm and rename the copied civilian.qvm as guard.qvm.
    • Remember to rename the copied file,not the original civilian.qvm.
  • Next,delete gunner.qvm,radioguard.qvm,etc and then rename the civilian.qvm to corresponding deleted qvm files.
  • Finally,play the game and now you will find the guards behaving as civilians and they won't shoot   you.
  • Enjoy the game.

Bluetooth Problem in Nokia 3500 Classic [Solved]

Bluetooth problem in Nokia 3500 classic is a unique one.While transferring and receiving data, it generates an error message showing Operation failed.
So, for you having the same problem, i have posted this solution.

  • Firstly, make sure that your bluetooth is on and you have enough space in phone memory and memory card to receive data. 
  • Now, go to your Bluetooth setting and go to paired devices and then delete the device from which you are receiving the data.You need to delete your device name from the paired devices of the sender mobile too.
  • Now send a data and communicate with another device.

Moreover if it doesn't help for your problem you can format your phone memory and free the memory.
Also you can delete all the paired devices from your mobile and the give a try.May be,this time, it does happen. If it doesn't happen, you may have to format your phone for the ultimate solution.

Easy Way to Get Highest Bounty and Money in NFS Most Wanted

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Climbing up to the top position is not so easy.

After the successful of different series of need for speed .This time the developer made the illegal street racing.Here underground nighttime racing is overtaken by daylight racing.The thing that we miss most in the underground is the chasing of cops ,this time you feel very exciting when you out-turn the cops.This time they come with cops and you are the the most wanted.

Need for speed most wanted is an excellent racing game.You have to play a series of race with the blacklists to be in the top position.i.e to complete the game.Climbing up to the top position is not so easy.You will need a lot of bounty and money for it.

So, i have posted about the easy way to get highest bounty and money.
Firstly, install the game and start a new Carrier. Now, navigate to the drive where you have installed the game. There you will find a folder named bonuses and extras.Open it and you will find another folder named shopspezial.After opening the folder,you will find a folder, save editor.Finally,open the folder and you will find a program to edit you carreer.Open the program and type on any amount of bounty and money you like.Save the file and then open the Nfs most wanted.Load your carreer and you will find the amount of bounty and money you have desired in the game.

If there are not any program or folder discussed above, you have to download the save editor for Need for speed most wanted.After downloading the save editor,just follow the steps above.

Download Android apps from your mobile [How To]

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using Android OS on your phone and want to download the applications for your phone its easier and simple.
  • Firstly turn on your wifi network from the phone settting and connect it.
  • You must have the google account to download and install the applications.
  • Then go to- Android Market and open it and login through google account and then you will enter in the Market where many free apps, games, and others are found free to download and install them.

     Or without login to google account you can download the apps manually which are on .apk format.


Android is the best operating system of the mobile phone nowadays. New versions are being released. So, to update Android 2.1 to 2.3 or others on your SAMSUNG GALAXY S phone,  just follow the following steps :

  • Install Kies on your pc and launch it.
  • Then connect your phone to pc via USB
  • You will get the update button on the Kies and click it to get the the android 2.3 on your  phone.
  • Sometimes your phone may restart.
  • After the update is complete, the Update Complete messsage appears.
  •  Disconnect your phone and run android 2.3 OS on your SAMSUMG.

Hope this may help to upgrade Android...

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