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Audio Player Forwarding Problem in Micromax Q7 [SOLVED]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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There is no one in this universe who would't like to listen music.

The world is full of music. Without music,life will be death. Nowadays,listening music is not too difficult. Anyone can  listen music in their mobile.

In various devices,the integrated audio player doesn't support audio forwarding feature. For eg. in micromax Q7, this feature is not enabled. So,it becomes harder to listen a song from where you need. Hence, there must be a solution to this problem which is described here.

First of all, play the song you want. Then press the shift key on your device and rotate the trackball in forward direction. Now you will get the music forwarded.Similar case for backward too. Press the shift key and rotate the trackball in reverse direction.

If these solutions doesn't work,then you need to download and install a java application named ttpod.This application contains the audio player which can forward and reverse the music.

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