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Easy Way to Get Highest Bounty and Money in NFS Most Wanted

Saturday, May 26, 2012

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Climbing up to the top position is not so easy.

After the successful of different series of need for speed .This time the developer made the illegal street racing.Here underground nighttime racing is overtaken by daylight racing.The thing that we miss most in the underground is the chasing of cops ,this time you feel very exciting when you out-turn the cops.This time they come with cops and you are the the most wanted.

Need for speed most wanted is an excellent racing game.You have to play a series of race with the blacklists to be in the top position.i.e to complete the game.Climbing up to the top position is not so easy.You will need a lot of bounty and money for it.

So, i have posted about the easy way to get highest bounty and money.
Firstly, install the game and start a new Carrier. Now, navigate to the drive where you have installed the game. There you will find a folder named bonuses and extras.Open it and you will find another folder named shopspezial.After opening the folder,you will find a folder, save editor.Finally,open the folder and you will find a program to edit you carreer.Open the program and type on any amount of bounty and money you like.Save the file and then open the Nfs most wanted.Load your carreer and you will find the amount of bounty and money you have desired in the game.

If there are not any program or folder discussed above, you have to download the save editor for Need for speed most wanted.After downloading the save editor,just follow the steps above.

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