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Play Games in Micromax Q7 using Keypad [HOW TO]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Playing games in mobile is one of the most interesting thing when you get bored.There are various kinds of applications available on the internet.But all these applications may not work properly on your device.Thus you need to choose the right type of application for your device.
Play games in Micromax Q7 using keypad

 I have got a Micromax Q7 mobile with qwerty keypad and trackball feature.I used to install various games on my device.But due to trackball present in my device,i cannot play those games and the game doesn't support the keypad of the device. So,i kept on searching everywhere for the solution,but i cannot find it. Hence, i post this solution for you all to play any of the game you choose with your keypad.
First of all, start the game you want. When the game starts, press the alt key twice. can play the game with your keypad using the keys. If the game doesn't run with keypad,just try on pressing the alt key twice. Remember to press twice, not once.

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